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Buprenorphine Drug Detox Doctors in Scranton
Find a Buprenorphine Drug Detox Doctor in Scranton.

David Edward Roberts M.D.
(570) 309-0319
108 North Washington Avenue
Unit #903
Pennsylvania, Scranton 18503
Muhammad A. Rahman M.D.
(570) 348-6100
326 Adams Avenue

Pennsylvania, Scranton 18503
Nelson Asante M.D.
(570) 348-6100
Advanced Community Services Association
475 Morgan Highway
Pennsylvania, Scranton 18508
Paul F. Remick D.O.
(570) 346-8417
1721 North Main Avenue

Pennsylvania, Scranton 18508
Rajaa Nebbari M.D.
(570) 468-6333
305 Mulbery Street
Urgent Care P.C.
Pennsylvania, Scranton 18503
Sanjay Sreenivas Chandragiri M.D.
(570) 969-2209
401 Adams Avenue
Suite 300
Pennsylvania, Scranton 18510

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